D a n i e l   R u a r k ,   A r c h i t e c t

Custom Residential Architecture

Holistic approach towards a more completely unified architectural solution that is visually coherent from exterior to interior.  Typically a part of Daniel Ruark's services, yet at the Owner's discretion, he will assist in the selection of appliance and plumbing fixtures, finish materials and colors, as well as built-in lighting and their layout.

Daniel Ruark's efforts consist of assistance to Client in the selection of furnishings for the completed residence.  At the Owner’s discretion, this service can include designs and their construction drawings for custom-built furniture and cabinetry to be incorporated into the finished construction.

From the outset of the work on your project, and as the work progresses, Daniel Ruark can assist the Owner towards researching and reviewing the qualifications of General Contractors with experience relative to your unique project.  It has served Owners well in the past to link a Contractor to the project fairly early in the process as a resource for construction cost estimating services as well as their knowledge of construction material availability and their facility for cost comparison/evaluation.  Design and construction is a complex process and this collaboration represents a strategy that can truly assist towards keeping the project within budget.

A r c h i t e c t u r a l   D e s i g n   S t r a t e g i e s


Buildings are sited and then designed for best passive solar utilization, as well as preservation of desirable natural conditions (heritage trees, rock outcroppings, waterway, etc.) and view opportunities.     It is the expression of respect and a commitment to the natural environment through enhancement and protection of ecologically important features.

Energy Conscious

All of the projects that Daniel Ruark has been involved with over the last twenty years have been developed incorporating energy conscious strategies and efficient systems for lighting, as well as for heating and cooling.  This has included geothermal loop heating/cooling systems, hydronic radiant floor heating, solar photovoltaic energy collection systems, and specification of energy efficient appliances, among others.

Daniel Ruark's efforts involve incorporating architectural strategies to fully introduce as much natural daylighting and ventilation as possible into each and every individual project.  It is his belief that natural daylight is essential and positively conducive to many of the activities and uses within a building and can serve to elevate the quality and experience of the indoor spaces.


Sustainable Materials and Practices

Daniel's efforts involve investigating and incorporating viable architectural strategies that are clearly sustainable/renewable technologies (such as the use of “green” alternative materials) and based upon its specific location, local materials available, and fore-most, the client’s wishes, program and budget.


Owner/Architect/Contractor Partnership

Dedicated to expediting your project efficiently and in the most timely manner; responsible for managing the work progress, communication and coordination with the project consultants, client interaction, reviewing agency coordination, and code analysis/compliance, among many other tasks.


Interior Design

Furniture and Fixture Design

Landscape and Sitework Design

Experience in crafting designs that adhere to budget, along with the consideration and selection of materials, construction methods and detailing appropriate for such.

At the Owner’s discretion, Daniel's services can include development of site design solutions which extend the use of interior space to the exterior in a functional, practical, and complementary manner.  This effort can encompass landscaping design as well as the selection of specific plants themselves--all towards the purpose of creating a unified composition of residence and site.