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Custom Residential Architecture

Private Residence

Oregon House, California

Two-story 2,200 sqft. residence designed for a downsloping lot in the Sierra foothills near Grass Valley.  Designed for the General Contractor who built two other Aaron Green-designed residences for clients in the same area.  This is actually a hybrid project.  Aaron Green initiated a design concept for the residence yet was dissatisfied with the results.  

He suggested that I develop an alternative design.  The floor plans were essentially the same with minor modifications but now the residence was reshaped via an entirely different cross section and resulting elevations.  Aaron was very pleased with the result and presented the alternative design to the Clients.  They approved the design and authorized us to proceed with construction documents.  As we were about to begin such effort, we were informed of a terrible tragedy that occurred within the family.  The project was quietly shelved.