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Custom Residential Architecture

Child Day Care Center Addition

Newark Community Center

Newark, California

The Child Day Care Center was an stand-alone addition to a 15,000 sqft. Community Center facility designed some years earlier by Aaron Green, FAIA.  

It is sited adjacent to the existing community building along one side of an existing outdoor terraced courtyard.  The Child Day Care Center integrates an existing redwood trellis as a functional sun shade device.

Interior spaces of the Child Day Care Center face and open onto the existing courtyard, allowing ideal ease of use of this area for outdoor activities.

The Child Day Care Center seamlessly blends with the design of the original Community Center building via complementary architectural detailing and materials.

As with the original Community Center, construction of the building utilizes materials chosen for their aesthetic, as well as utilitarian characteristics and are such that will require little or no maintenance.  An integrally red colored, textured concrete block masonry (narrow height 4”x16”) predominates as structure and the exterior finish.  Floors are integrally terra cotta colored concrete and employ an embedded hydronic radiant heating system.  Naturally colored acoustical plaster on volume ceilings (that follow the plane of the roof) provides a visual continuity and spacious character for the open-planned activity areas.

All interior furnishings were designed or selected by the Architect in order to harmonize with the building design and to create an informal, relaxed, residential character comfortably inviting and scaled to the children.

Designed by Aaron G. Green, FAIA.  My role and responsibilities:  production of Construction Documents along with the Project Manager.